Make Your School a Safe Place to Learn with the Safe and Healthy Schools Certification Program

The Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools is committed to creating healthy schools through a safe school certification program, ensuring that all students have access to safe and healthy school environments where learning can thrive.

Become a safer, healthier school with a holistic approach to safety


Safeguard your school

Ensure everyone in your school feels safe and secure. Effectively address mental health challenges, violence and bullying at school using evidence-based best practices.


Be a leader in your community

Earn a digital badge and get access to the Center for Safe and Healthy Schools community connecting you with similar schools across the country. Inspire others in your community and beyond to advocate for school health and safety.


Learn from the experts

Complete flexible online courses designed by interdisciplinary experts from the Johns Hopkins University academic community. Get the knowledge, resources, tools, and support you need to make sound, effective decisions.

About the program

In support of its commitment to establishing safe and healthy learning environments, the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools has launched a Safe and Healthy Schools Certification Program. The safe schools training program is intended to unite communities across the country through comprehensive, evidence-based learning that’s available to school teachers and leaders everywhere.

As a part of the center’s core focus, this program has been developed to address a definitive 21st-century issue facing education across the nation: ensuring that students experience a safe, healthy school environment.

The primary focus of the program is helping schools nationwide understand what a safe and healthy school means, how to create a healthy and safe school environment that embodies and fosters a “safe and healthy” mindset, and how to maintain this as a school and a community.

The program is powered by Klassroom, a mission-driven education company committed to connecting students with life-changing teachers, and helping those teachers live their teaching dreams, CSHS is excited to bring this program to schools across the country.

“Fear cannot be the basis for effective education policy or practice.”

Christopher C. Morphew
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Education

Program Details

Program info Details
Start date Anytime
Program type Online and self-paced
Courses This program consists of 5 courses
Prerequisites None
Duration 10 hours for teachers / 50 hours for leaders
Cost $249 for teachers / $1,245 for leaders*
Credit 1 CEU for teachers / 5 CEUs for leaders

* Discounted school pricing available upon request

What to expect from the program

The Johns Hopkins Safe and Healthy Schools Certification Program consists of five engaging, comprehensive courses. The content in each course systematically reflects in-depth research and best-practice learning focused on the key topics schools are facing today. By enrolling in the Johns Hopkins Safe and Healthy Schools Certification Program, your school can expect the following:

Hands-on learning for the classroom

The courses include important guidelines and tips for teachers and administrators on how to deal with real-world situations, including how and when to involve parents and other community members in making a school safe and healthy.

Each course introduces new topics when considering what safe and healthy means in a school context. Those topics include school shootings, student and teacher mental health, adverse childhood experiences, tenets of whole child learning, SCHOOLWELL and COPEWELL models, and more.

Comprehensive, systematic lessons

Each course is broken down into lessons that contain the following:

  • Academic readings including a breakdown and key takeaways
  • Video content from experts in the field
  • Activities to promote self-reflection
  • Submitted assignments to ensure learning

To evaluate comprehension, all learners are required to complete assignments and pass tests throughout the course prior to moving onto the next portion of the program.

At the program’s conclusion, your schools’ education professionals will be equipped with fundamental crisis approaches, guidelines, and tools for creating safer, healthier learning environments.

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How to get your school certified

Becoming a certified school requires 70 percent of your teaching staff, plus one leader to complete the training.

Achieving Johns Hopkins Safe and Healthy Schools Certification badge can be done in three simple steps.

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    Step 1

    Enroll your school in the Johns Hopkins Safe and Healthy Schools Certification Program.

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    Step 2

    Log into a secure, online web portal and allow your staff to train in a self-paced learning environment.

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    Step 3

    Complete the training requirements outlined for your school size. For teachers, course completion takes about 10 hours of coursework that can be completed anytime and anywhere. For leaders, certification takes approximately 50 hours.

All individuals will receive digital credentials that are valid for three years after completing training. For schools to maintain certification over time, a refresher course is required for renewal to ensure adherence to best practice.

Take the first step to get certified today.